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Social Security Disability Consultative Examinations

    At some point during the application process for Social Security Disability or SSI, you may be sent by Social Security to an examination by a physician.  If your case also involves mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, you may be sent to an examination by a psychiatrist or a psychologist.  These examinations are called consultative examinations.

    The physician or psychologist will write a report that will become part of your application process.  Social Security will use this report along with the reports from your treating physicians in deciding your case.  The more favorable the report is from the consultative examiner, the better your chances of winning your Social Security Disability or SSI case.

    The following are some doís and doníts for you to follow to help your consultative examination go as favorably as possible.


Do's for Your Social Security Disability Consultative Examination


Do try to make sure that Social Security has received all of your medical records before the consultative examination.  You can bring records with you to the examination.


Do bring your prescription medication to the examination.  The doctor will want to know what medication you are taking.  The doctor may check the date of your prescription and count the pills in the bottle to see if you are taking the medication according to your doctor's instructions.


Do tell the doctor about all of the medical problems that you have.


Do bring someone with you to translate if you have trouble with the English language, .


If you regularly use a cane, a wrist splint or some other medical device, do bring it with you to the examination.


If the doctor performs any tests to see if certain movements or positions cause you pain, be accurate with your responses.  The doctor may perform some "tests" that are just designed to see if you are exaggerating.


Do dress and groom yourself the way you normally dress and groom yourself each day.


Dont's for Your Social Security Disability Consultative Examination


Do not say you have pain "all over" or "everywhere.".  This type of answer

may make it difficult for the doctor to pinpoint what is wrong with you;


may make the doctor think you are exaggerating;


may make the doctor think that none of your answers can be trusted.


Do not try to make it seem that you are physically more limited than you really are.

The doctor will be observing your movements even when you do not think you are being examined.  The doctor or his or her staff may check to see how you move about in the waiting room or even on or your way into and out of the building.


The doctor will observe how easily you get on and off the examining room table.


  The doctor may tell you that he is checking one part of your body when he is really checking another part.  You do not have to be a complete invalid to qualify for Social Security Disability or SSI.  Exaggerating your condition or pain may result in your case being denied for being untrustworthy when your true limitations would have been sufficient for your to win your case.


The doctor has specialized medical and forensic knowledge.  He or she has examined hundreds or thousands of persons.  You cannot fool the doctor.  You will only hurt your case by trying to do so.


Do not try to answer incorrectly if you are given a memory or intelligence test by a psychiatrist or psychologist.  Try to do your best.  As part of the exam, you may be given a very simple memory test that requires you to remember the letters A,B,C, the numbers 1,2,3 and a circle, square and triangle.  A poor score on this type of test will make it seem that you are exaggerating your mental condition.


Do not try to minimize problems that you may have had with alcohol or drug abuse.  The doctor very well may have seen past medical reports that discuss your substance abuse problems.  Denying these types of problems will make it seem that you are being untruthful.  A history of alcohol or drug abuse does not disqualify you for Social Security Disability or SSI.


Do not bring a cane to the examination if you do not need the cane to get around.  The way you hold and use the cane may show the doctor that you really do not need the cane and he or she may then think that you are trying to make your condition look worse than it really is.


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