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How to Make Your Criminal Case Worse

bulletSkip Court.  Miss your court date.  Do not go on purpose.  Forget or get confused about the date.  Go late or go to the wrong courtroom.
bulletThis way, you will be charged with the crime of Failure to Appear.  If the original charges include a felony, then the failure to appear charge will also be a felony.
bulletThe police and the prosecutors will not have to bother with the original charges against you because they can just prosecute you on the failure to appear.  This is a very easy charge to prove.  Your name was called in court.  You were not there.  Case closed.
bulletYour bail will be increased.  It will be more difficult for you to find a bondsman willing to post your bail.  This will increase your chances of sitting in jail while you are waiting for your case to be resolved.  Sitting in jail makes it much more difficult for your lawyer to talk to you and plan strategy, increasing your chances of being found guilty if your case is tried.
bulletBe Disrespectful at the Courthouse.  Instead of calling a lawyer right away, go to court by yourself and be rude, disrespectful and argumentative with the marshals, the court staff, the prosecutor and the judge.
bulletThis way, the prosecutor and the judge will be much less reasonable when your lawyer is trying to negotiate on your behalf.
bulletWhen you go to court, dress like a gangster, or a gangster's girlfriend, especially if your case involves drugs or violence.
bulletViolate Protective Orders.  If you are charged with a domestic violence crime and you are given a protective order to stay away from the victim , ignore the order.
bulletThis way, you ruin your chances of being placed into the family violence education program that would have resulted in your case being dismissed.
bulletMost domestic violence crimes are misdemeanors with a maximum 1 year sentence.  Violation of a protective order is a felony with a sentence of up to 5 years.
bulletViolating a protective order is usually a very easy charge to prove.  The police are called or stops you for whatever reason and there you are with the person you have been ordered to stay away from.  The prosecutor does not need to call any other witness besides the police officer.
bulletDisobeying court orders will makes a judge think it is useless to give you a break by letting you into a program because the judge will think you probably will not obey any conditions of a program.
bulletViolate the Conditions of Any Program You Are Given.
bulletIf you have been accepted into a drug program, have a dirty urine.
bulletIf you have to pay restitution or make a charitable contribution, do not make the payments.
bulletIf your license is suspended, drive anyways.
bulletGet yourself arrested again.  Hang out with people who carry drugs or weapons or who are committing crimes.  This way,  even if you are innocent, it looks like you are involved in criminal activity.

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