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    At the Serrano Law Firm, we know what it is like for you to have a work injury because we have over 25 years experience helping injured workers get the benefits they deserve under Connecticut Workers Compensation law.  We have handled cases for a variety of injuries, including back injuries, stress and heart cases, lung ailments, and hand, elbow and knee injuries.

    We will use this experience and our skill and determination to get you the compensation you deserve.

   We look at your case for free.  We only charge a fee if we win or settle your workers' compensation case.

    Under Connecticut Workers' Compensation law, an injury at work is handled quite differently than a personal injury case, such as a car accident.

    Personal injury cases (also called negligence or tort cases) are handled in the court system, usually in the Connecticut Superior Court or the Federal District Court.  Work accidents are handled by the Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission.

    In a personal injury case, fault must be proven.  In a workers' compensation case, fault does not matter (except if the injury was caused intentionally, by intoxication, or by horseplay).

    If you slip on a puddle of olive oil while shopping at a store and get hurt, you must prove that the store employees acted carelessly by not cleaning up the oil, that they knew the oil was there or had enough time to know it was there, and that you were being careful but still slipped.

    If you are a store employee and slip on the same patch of oil and get hurt, it does not matter whether you or anyone else was careless.  To have a workers' compensation case, you only need to show that you got hurt while you were at work doing something related to your work.

    In a personal injury case, you can get compensated for everything reasonably related to the accident.  This includes payment of medical bills and lost wages, as well as compensation for your pain and suffering, permanent disability, and any scars.

    In a workers' compensation case, what you receive is limited by law.  You cannot collect for pain and suffering.  You can only receive part of  your lost wages (about 75% of your after-tax income), payment for permanent disability based at set amounts, and for some scars. 

    If you do not settle a personal case, there will  be a trial and the amount you receive depends on what a jury decides your entire case is worth.

    In a workers' compensation case, you cannot have a trial for the entire value of the case.  You can only have trials (called formal hearings) to get paid specific benefits.  Workers' compensation cases can stay open forever.  Neither you nor the insurance company is required to settle your workers' compensation case.

    In workers' compensation, the amount you receive for permanent disability depends on which part of your body is hurt and what percentage of disability the doctors say you have.

    The Connecticut workers' compensation law has a list of the parts of the body that most commonly are hurt.  Each of these parts is given a value in number of weeks.  For example, the back is "worth" 374 weeks.  If you suffer 10% permanent disability of the back, you will receive 37.4 weeks of payments.

    (For more information about the differences between workers' compensation and personal injury cases, click here.)

    Please call to schedule an appointment to speak with us about your workers' compensation case.

   You may also click here to confidentially send us information for us to review your workers' compensation case.


A "Typical" Connecticut Workers' Compensation Case

    Although each workers' compensation case is unique, cases often follow a similar pattern.

    When a worker is first hurt and is home recovering from injuries, he will collect workers' compensation Temporary Total Disability benefits.

    The doctor treating the worker may feel he has recovered enough following the workers compensation injury to return to work but should not do anything too heavy.  If the employer has light duty available, the employee will return to work.  If no light duty is available, or if the employee cannot work his full hours, the employee can collect workers' compensation Temporary Partial Disability benefits.  An employee may need to prove he is looking for work to collect these benefits.

    Once the employee has recovered as much as he is going to recover following the work injury  has reached maximum medical improvement  the doctor will write a report stating whether the worker has any permanent disability.  The doctor will state what part of the worker’s body has suffered permanent disability and the percentage of disability.  The worker will be paid a certain number of weeks of workers' compensation Permanent Partial Disability.  Payment is made regardless of whether or not the employee is working.

    Once payment for permanent disability has ended, an worker may be able to collect additional workers' compensation benefits if his injury has left him unable to earn as much as before.  Usually, the worker can only collect these payments for the same number of weeks as he collected permanent partial disability.  These payments are called workers' compensation Wage Differential or Section 308a benefits (named for the statute that makes the benefits available).  A worker may need to prove he is looking for work to collect these workers' compensation benefits.

    A worker may also close out his case for a one-time lump some payment.   If the worker and insurance company can agree on an amount, a workers compensation agreement called a Stipulation is written up and presented to a workers' compensation commissioner for approval.

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Recent Connecticut Workers' Compensation Cases

Hartford Waterbury New Britain Manchester Workers Comp Lawyer

O’Connor v. Med-Center Home Health Care, Inc.  The workers’ compensation commissioner properly held that a nurse who fell on ice in a patient’s driveway was totally disabled from work, even though her treating doctors said she was limited to sedentary work.  The commissioner reasonably and logically could have concluded that the nurse's testimony that she was unable to sit for long periods, stand for long periods, repeatedly get up from a chair, twist, lift or drive, combined with the pain associated with her condition, rendered her temporarily totally incapacitated from work.

Lubrano v. Mohegan Sun Casino  In a combined personal injury and workers’ compensation case, the workers’ compensation commissioner has no jurisdiction to consider what part of a personal injury settlement has been paid to a spouse for a loss of consortium claim when determining how much reimbursement should be paid to the workers’ compensation insurance company from the personal injury settlement.

Lamar v. Boehringer Ingelheim Corp.  To contest a workers’ compensation claim, an employer has the option of sending a notice contesting the claim by certified mail to the injured employee.  The law does not require the employer to personally serve the notice on the employee simply because the employer is aware that the employee did not claim the certified mail.

Hammond v. City of Bridgeport  An employee who was fired after an injury at work produced enough evidence to show that the employer had discriminated against him for filing a workers compensation claim because the evidence showed that the employer did not follow its written rules for terminating employees.

Desmond v. Yale-New Haven Hospital  A claim against an insurance company for handling a workers compensation case in bad faith cannot be brought in court but must be brought in the workers compensation system.

Wikander v. Asbury Automotive Group  The workers’ compensation commissioner properly allowed a case to go forward regarding an employee who had a fatal heart attack on the job even though the case was filed almost two years after the death.  The commissioner properly rejected an argument by the employer’s lawyer that Connecticut workers compensation law allowed only one year to file a claim if the employee died on the day of the accident or injury.

Callender v. Reflexite Corp.  An employer of an injured worker who wants to contest a injury claim for repetitive trauma must file a denial within the time allowed by Connecticut workers’ compensation law even if the employer believes the claim is not a new injury but part of an already existing workers’ compensation repetitive trauma claim.

Gamez-Reyes v. Biagi  In a workers compensation case, it is up to the employer to raise and prove as a defense that the injured worker was intoxicated at the time of injury.

Russo v. Waterbury  The City of Waterbury’s charter provision allowing for a reduction in disability pension benefits for workers’ compensation benefits applied to heart and hypertension benefits

Wabno v. City of Derby  A workers' compensation case for heart and hypertension problems had to be filed within one year that medication was prescribed for hypertension.

Carter v. Clinton  A police officer who filed a workers’ compensation heart attack claim late did not fall under the exception provided for a late filing when an employer gives or pays for medical care to the employee.  The officer was unable to prove that his employer had furnished medical care for the heart attack or that the heart attack was related to his workers’ compensation shoulder injury which was reported timely.


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   When talking about the law that handles claims for a work injury, most people use this phrase:

Workers Compensation

  The official term that the State of Connecticut uses is:

Workers' Compensation

  The "shortcut" term used by many people is simply:

Workers Comp

  There are, however, many different phrases people use to refer to the law and system for helping a person who has suffered a work injury.  Here is a list:

Workers Compensation

Workers Comp

Workmans Comp

Work Compensation

Worker Compensation

Workmans Compensation

Work Comp

Worker Comp

Injury Compensation

Workman's Compensation

Worker's Compensation

Workmen's Compensation

Workman Comp

Workman's Comp

Worker's Comp

Workmen Compensation

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