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What To Do If Hurt at Work

Get Medical Attention

Protect Your Case

Put Together Evidence

bulletGet the emergency medical help you need.
bulletFollow the doctor's instructions.
bulletTell your family doctor about your injury.
bulletKeep your medical appointments.
bulletIf you do not feel you are getting the treatment you need, call an experienced workers compensation attorney.
bulletYour medical appointments are private.  The workers compensation insurance company may offer to have a nurse go to your appointments with you to "coordinate" care.  Taking care of you is your doctor's job.  You do not need the insurance company nurse there to observe what is going on between you and your doctor.
bulletWatch out for deadlines.
bulletMake sure an official workers compensation claim is filed with the Connecticut Workers Compensation Commission.
bulletIf not sure, call a lawyer or file a claim yourself with the commission.
bulletFilling out an injury report at work is not the same as filing an official claim.
bulletClaims usually must be filed within 1 year of the injury.
bulletOther deadlines may apply if your accident was caused by someone other than your employer.  Check with a lawyer.
bulletWatch out for signs that your company is trying to deny you your rights.
bulletYour boss tells you the company does not carry workers compensation insurance.
bulletAll employers must have workers compensation insurance (unless they are large enough to self-insure themselves).
bulletIf the company does not have workers compensation insurance, the State of Connecticut will pay for your benefits and then get reimbursed by your company.
bulletYour boss says you are an "independent contractor," not an "employee".
bulletPeople paid hourly almost always have workers compensation rights.
bulletJust because your boss does not take out taxes from your check does not mean you have no workers compensation rights.
bulletYour boss tells you to use your health insurance for your medical bills.
bulletYour boss tells you the company will pay your medical bills.

Ask each doctor for copies of all medical reports.  You have a right to your medical reports. 


If you need to prove you were hurt at work, call a workers compensation attorney.


Help your attorney by:

Writing down everything you remember about the accident and give the statement to your attorney.


Giving your attorney the names and addresses of any witnesses.


Showing your attorney all medical reports and other papers about your case.

When You Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer,

Rely on Us for Skill, Determination and Experience. 


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