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What To Do After A Fall

bulletBe Careful Getting Up.
bulletNeck or back injuries can be made worse by improper handling of the spine.
bulletSpine injuries can be made worse by sudden jolts or movements.
bulletAsk for an ambulance if your neck or back feels seriously injured.
bulletBe Cautious About Head Injuries.
bulletSeek immediate medical attention if you have hit your head, particularly if you have dizziness, nausea or vomiting.
bulletWatch out for the following signs of a traumatic brain injury (also known as a closed head injury or postconcussive syndrome).
bulletdizziness, nausea and vomiting
bulletblurred or  double vision
bulletringing in the ears
bulleta funny taste in the mouth
bullettiredness and a change in sleep patterns
bulleta lack of interest in doing things
bulletchanges in behavior, mood and temper
bulletdifficulty remembering and concentrating
bulletdifficulty doing things that require several steps
bulletGet Medical Attention.
bulletBe aware that some serious injuries, including internal injuries, concussions and even fractures, are not always immediately apparent.
bulletX-rays,  MRI's and CT Scans may be required to determine if there has been a serious injury, particularly in regard to the spine and joints such as the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle.
bulletGet Names of Witnesses.
bulletAsk any witnesses to give you their name, telephone number and address.
bulletKeep witness information in a safe place.
bulletTake Pictures.  Take pictures as soon as possible of where you fell and of what caused you to fall.  This is especially important if the fall was due to ice or snow.  Takes pictures of:
bulletThe place where you fell.
bulletTake close up pictures of the exact place where you fell.
bulletIn some of the pictures, show the exact spot of the fall by placing an object such as a stone, stick or pen in the spot.
bulletIn some of the pictures, lay down a ruler to show the size of the ice patch, pavement crack, or other object that caused the fall.
bulletTake some long distance pictures to identify the general area of the fall.
bulletTry to get house numbers, street signs or other identifying objects in the picture.
bulletIn some of the pictures, show the spot of the fall by placing an object there or having a person stand at the spot.
bulletBruises, stitches, scars and other injuries.
bulletInclude your face in some of the pictures to identify yourself as the injured person.
bulletIn some of the pictures, place a ruler next to bruises, stitches or scars to show size.
bulletPreserve Other Evidence.
bulletKeep the shoes you were wearing when you fell.
bulletWrite down everything you remember about the fall, including the description of any objects that you were carrying, and save this information in a safe place so that you can give it to your lawyer.
bulletAsk for copies of any reports made by store personnel, property managers or other persons.
bulletIf the fall was caused by ice or snow, save the weather section of the newspaper to have a record of the weather conditions.
bulletSave the weather section from the day of the fall and the last 2 or 3 days before the fall, in order to show the last time there was snow and the temperature range.
bulletSave the weather section from the day after the fall as this will show the weather conditions on the day of the fall.
bulletDo Not Discuss the Accident with Insurance Persons on Investigators.
bulletYou should not speak to anyone about the accident other than your doctor or lawyer .
bulletDo not get persuaded, tricked or confused into talking to an insurance company or to an investigator about the accident.
bulletCall An Experienced Accident Lawyer.
bulletHelp Your Accident Lawyer Collect Evidence.  The days immediately following an accident are the most crucial time to gather and preserve evidence.  Help your lawyer by doing the following:
bulletWrite down everything you remember about the accident and give the statement to your lawyer.
bulletGive your lawyer the names and addresses of any witnesses.
bulletGive your lawyer any pictures of vehicle damage, the accident scene or your injuries.
bulletIf no photographs have yet been taken, make arrangements for your lawyer to get pictures of vehicle damage or of injuries.
bulletKeep a diary of how your pain and injuries affect you each day and give the diary to your lawyer.


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