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Your Question:
    I'm not the same since my car accident.  I feel depressed.  I can't remember things.  I have trouble concentrating.
Our Answer:

    We are lawyers at the Serrano Law Firm are lawyers, not doctors.  However, our experience has been that people hurt in car accidents who describe these kinds of symptoms are often diagnosed as having suffered a traumatic brain injury (“TBI” for short).

    A traumatic brain injury occurs when an impact from a car accident makes the brain collide against the inside of the skull or stretches the brain tissue.  This movement of the brain causes it to bruise, bleed and swell.

     The front part of the brain, known as the frontal lobe, is particularly likely to be injured when someone suffers a traumatic brain injury.  The frontal lobe is the largest, most advanced part of the brain.  It controls such mental activities as planning, organizing and controlling emotions.  When this part of the brain is injured, these activities are affected.

     Traumatic brain injury symptoms include:

bulletdizziness, nausea and vomiting
bulletblurred or  double vision
bulletringing in the ears
bulleta funny taste in the mouth
bullettiredness and a change in sleep patterns
bulleta lack of interest in doing things
bulletchanges in behavior, mood and temper
bulletdifficulty remembering and concentrating
bulletdifficulty doing things that require several steps

     Persons with moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries receive physical, occupational and speech therapy.  They may also benefit from psychiatric treatment and psychological counseling.  Treatment for severe head injuries can include surgery to release pressure from bleeding or swelling.

     At the Serrano Law Firm, our experience and skill in handling these types of cases can help you recognize this type of injury and make sure that you receive the maximum compensation possible.

    For further information about traumatic brain injuries, please visit these websites:



International Brain Injury Association

Brain Injury Association of America

Brain Trauma Foundation

TBI Resource Guide




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