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What To Do After A Dog Bite Attack


Give Emergency First Aid After the Dog Bite Injury.

bulletBefore giving first aid, wash your hands thoroughly.  Wear latex gloves if available.
bulletWash the dog bite wound completely with soap and water.
bulletKeep injured body parts raised above the level of the heart.  This slows swelling and prevents infection.
bulletApply pressure with a clean bandage, towel, or piece of clothing to stop any bleeding.
bulletCover dog bite wounds with sterile bandages.
bulletTalk calmly to the injured person to help keep him or her from going into shock.
bulletIf you need to call 911, remember:
bulletDo not hang up until the operator tells you. 
bulletGive your name and the name and age of the injured person.
bulletGive your location.  (Town, street, nearby streets, closest house number.)
bulletIdentify the dog by breed, color and size.  Give the dog's name and owner's name, if known.
bulletGive the number of the phone that you are calling from.

Get Medical Attention After the Dog Bite.

bulletDog bites easily become infected.  Check with a doctor immediately to see if a tetanus shot or antibiotics are needed.
bulletReturn to the doctor if you notice any of  these signs of infection:
bulletPain or tenderness.
bulletPus draining from the wound.

Identify the Dog After the Dog Bite.

bulletAdvise the dog's owner, if known, that the dog attacked.  Ask for the name and telephone number of the dog's veterinarian.
bulletIf the dog is unfamiliar, try to keep it in sight until the police or an animal warden arrives.  However, do not approach a strange dog or try to capture it.
bulletIf you lose sight of an unfamiliar dog, write down a description including breed, color, markings, size and style of any collar.  Note down the last place the dog was seen.

Be Aware of the Possibility of Rabies after a Dog Bite.

bulletThe chances of getting rabies from a dog bite are very small.  However, rabies, if not immediately treated, is usually fatal.
bulletYour doctor will advise you if rabies shots are required.  If shots are required, do not miss or be late for shots.
bulletA dog may have rabies if it is very aggressive, attacks without provocation, or acts strangely.
bulletIf the dog cannot be found or its rabies status is unknown, rabies shots may be required.

Report the Dog Attack to the Animal Warden or to the Police.

bulletA dog that attacks may attack again.
bulletThe dog may have a history of prior attacks.
bulletThe animal warden or police can best arrange for the quarantine (holding under observation) of the dog.  Quarantining may be necessary to make sure the dog does not have rabies.

More information about dog bites is available online from the National Institute of Health.

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